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Where's My Sanity Book by Claudia Luiz

Many books claim they can rescue you from confusion, unhappiness and agitation. But Dr. Claudia Luiz says sanity isn’t where you’ve been looking.

“You can’t attain sanity by just trying harder, exercising a positive outlook, letting go, forgiving or meditating. What you need for sanity, when reason fails, are emotional experiences. Not ideas. Experiences.”

In Where’s My Sanity? Dr. Luiz delivers a unique and refreshing set of stories about the experiences that have been most effective for her patients.

Here are stories about people suffering with our most common modern-day afflictions — from depression, the effects of womanizing, and having difficult teenagers, to being stuck or agitated — and then what transpires to make things better. By drawing on her more than twenty five years treating people, Psychotherapist Luiz reveals a new method for change and how you too can experience it. Buy it now.


“I read this book the first time from end to end in one go and couldn’t put it down. I then went back and re-read it. Dr. Luiz tells these tales in a way that draws you in, seeking to understand the motivations underlying them. You end up feeling that you are by her side as she explores each situation. I found that I ended up wanting to get a complete understanding of what motivated the character in each of her tales.

Alain Chesnais on August 10, 2013

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  1. Anonymous #

    I found the book disheartening because it shows how truly fucked we all are. We get served a shit sandwich by our parents, their parents, ourselves, and the best we dumb primates seem to have been able to respond with is, “So, dumb primate, tell me what you feel about eating this shit sandwich.” The good in life is fleeting, the bad in life is perpetual, it comes unbidden, and the good must be fought to be maintained like a gladiator in combat with an arena full of wild animals–they’re on your back faster than you can turn to face them.

    May 25, 2015
    • Anonymous #

      I have never heard this stated better.

      May 25, 2015

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