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Q&A: How does sanity feel?

Sanity feels nice and calm. You feel settled, with plenty of space to breathe and think between yourself and the world at large.  This feeling follows you everywhere, from the moment you wake up in the morning and prepare for your day, through to the night, whether you sleep through it or not.  It even carries you through confusion, uncertainty, frustration, excitement, anger and a host of other tense emotions.

When you feel sane, you can think straight. So you can make decisions. And if you can make decisions, you trust yourself. Being able to trust yourself is what reduces the extreme feelings of dread that come with feeling un-sane, unbalanced and overwhelmed in the face of challenges.

People often mistake sanity for happiness.  They think if you are unhappy —  stressed, depressed, enraged, anxious or confused —  you can’t be balanced. Yes, it is more difficult to stay balanced in the face of stress, but, in fact, you can be perfectly balanced in light of a wide range of emotions. Feeling sane is not about what you feel. It is about whether your feelings are going to knock you down or bowl you over so that you can no longer think straight.


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  1. You mean sane as apposed to insane? I like to think in terms of happy vs contentment. Happy who you are but not content with achievements. Striving towards perfection knowing that it’s not possible. Christmas? It’s a good example of insane. But we need it for the kids and the GDP. Christmas with my bride and family overcomes some hangovers from the days when I was a skinny street kid. My medicine for anything negative is to tell a story about it. Then it becomes positive. Merry Christmas, doc.

    November 28, 2012

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