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Q&A: Why don’t we feel sane all the time?

The main reason we don’t always feel balanced and sane, is that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to feel sane and balanced all the time. Or in the face of every experience.

Certain situations or people give us a problem. Even if we are extremely balanced with regard to everything else in our life, one or two things (and sometimes more) throw us for a loop.

We get thrown because things aren’t always black and white.  We may want to be kind, for example, but actually feel aggravated.  When our brain is in conflict, and it is hard to think straight, the intense emotion can throw us. Then, we lose our balance.

Some challenges throw us for a minute, and others for a day. And then, of course, there are the bigger challenges that create enormous conflict, and that can make it impossible for us unable to think straight and feel calm and balanced for long periods. Then, a gray pall is cast over our whole life, every day, every minute of every day.


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