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Let Your Characters “Say Everything” – Writers & Analysts

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Writers & analysts? What do they have in common?

One of the interesting aspects of being involved in multiple areas & disciplines is the way that one topic & area informs another. I began a study on the similarities between writers and analysts with a mentor/professor/writing partner/student/friend of mine a number of years ago.

At the age of 92, Dr. Muriel Sackler was a scientist, psychoanalyst and writer. She was one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met & no matter what she’d gone through in her life, she kept going. Succeeding, studying, learning, teaching, writing and loving. She had lived the most amazing life and we were discussing writing her memoir. She decided against it because “my story isn’t that interesting.”

Believe me, it was more than interesting. Way more than just “interesting”.

Fascinating & riveting are only a few of the words that come to mind. To…

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Saturday morning funnies: my husband tri

Saturday morning funnies: my husband tries his hand at being an advice guru. His marital advice, I think….ahem…is good.

GAIAM has now published something writte

GAIAM has now published something written about the UNCONSCIOUS?? Wow!!! On a serious roll, here, folks…it is so wonderful.

Livestrong just published “STOP SOLVING

Livestrong just published “STOP SOLVING AND START EVOLVING.” Hope this takes the pressure off anyone anxious to “fix” their problems away..

Elephant Journal just let me know “psyc

Elephant Journal just let me know “psychoanalysis” made the front page. Thanks to you I was over 2,000 views by 32 viewers

Share “Why You Should Try Psychoanalysi

Share “Why You Should Try Psychoanalysis Before You Die” – just got published in the Elephant Journal which bodes EXTREMELY well for us all

Could Robin Williams have lived? Share y

Could Robin Williams have lived? Share your thoughts… #Robin Williams

For psychoanalysis to join the American

For psychoanalysis to join the American mainstream as a reliable method for creating change, is going to take “a seismic shift in consciousness.” Agree? Disagree? Listen in on the discussion on New Books in Psychoanalysis

“Maximum dopamine experience” on New B

“Maximum dopamine experience” on New Books in Psychoanalysis this week.

Therapists: Great news! p

Therapists: Great news! put this psychoanalytically-founded article in their MUST-READ FEATURES section. Are our ideas gaining more acceptance? Are general audiences more willing to scratch beneath the surface of behavior? I’m thinking YES!!! Let me know your thoughts…

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